Business Travel

    Optimize costs and time. This is what every company strives to improve daily. If a few years ago the choices of hotels, planes and trains were limited and expensive, today they are endless and often very economical. Paradoxically, the search for the best conditions is likely to be a burdensome waste of time for those who must devote themselves to their work instead. Often, the time it takes to navigate the multitude of sites does not lead to a satisfactory result.

    To prevent this, Isolamare DMC takes care of everything on behalf of its clients, becoming a real Travel Department. We propose real advice, to give a product tailored to different needs of each company. On request, each client meets with knowledgeable, efficient staff equipped with the right tools and channels to propose one or more viable solutions in a short time.

    Professional advice

    Dedicated email account

    Ticket office-national and international railway-naval-air

    Dedicated reservations and hotel partners worldwide

    Organization of meetings and conferences

    Car rental with or without driver

    Reduced agency fees for non-commission services or flat monthly fee to keep costs down

    Discounts on travel agency and Tour Operator Isolamare packages

    Business Travel

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