About us

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                                                      Our Philosophy

We meet the customers and listen carefully to their wishes. At the same time, we start to design the event with them, adding our recommendations, as a result of our experience gained in the field. This is perhaps the most difficult stage, but the most fascinating for us. We believe that finding full harmony with our stakeholders is essential before providing an accurate quote and then a good job. At that point, Isolamare D.M.C. is no longer just a supplier that produces a service, but a true partner working together with the client to achieve a common goal, following, managing and overseeing the whole event in detail from the beginning until the end. For an individual service or a corporate meeting, for a single trip or for a conference. That is what we offer. This is who we are and the partner our clients count on.

Isolamare Tour Operator & Art was founded in 2010 by two friends passionate about travel, tourism and Italy.
After years of experience in incoming, sightseeing, and travel agent business in addition to the hospitality industry, they decided to respond to
the new demands of the tourism industry while remaining faithful to the tradition of Italian hospitality.

The staff is composed of experienced professionals who use steady and rooted collaborations throughout Italy.
This allows Isolamare to offer a comprehensive and competitive range of services.